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Melt & Pour SLS-Free Soap Base – Opaque – Pre-diced


Melt & Pour soap base to create your own lovely soap at home for your own use or wonderful home-made gifts!

Our soap comes pre-diced and ready to pop in the microwave or double boiler. It makes a great project for the kids to join in with (under supervision). All you need to do, is melt the soap, add colours or scent (if required) and pour into moulds. It’s ready to use in one hour! Visit our shop for colours, fragrances, moulds and complete soap making kits.

Say no to artificial cosmetics and harsh chemicals that dry out your skin. Our soap base (as used in our kits) is SLS-Free (sodium lauryl sulphate), which means is it more natural than commercial soaps and kinder to your skin. SLS-free shampoo does not contain the harsh and irritating ingredient sodium lauryl sulphate, which is a foaming agent (detergent) used by many cosmetic soaps and shampoos in the UK.

There are two main reasons that SLS is such a popular ingredient in soaps and shampoos. Firstly, it is cheap as it is produced synthetically, making it ideal for low-cost brands. Secondly, it is a very effective cleansing agent or detergent and creates lots of foam when mixed with water.

However SLS is a too powerful detergent and not all of its effects are good which is why many people are now trying to find SLS free soaps and shampoos as it can cause scalp problems. SLS is a known to be irritating to the skin so it is not surprising then that it can cause skin and scalp problems when frequently used. It is recognised as being one of the most irritating of the foaming agents used in soaps/shampoos.

SLS is used as a laboratory standard for irritating skin due to its ability to penetrate and damage the skin barrier. Its irritating effects can create an itchy, flaky scalp and now more and more people are looking for a soaps and shampoos without SLS in the UK.

Making soap with our soap base ensures that your soap will be skin nourishing, rather than skin drying. It also means you can make gifts of your soap to friends and family, in the knowledge that your soap will be kind to their skin as well.